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We don't think you need to deprive yourself on a yoga retreat, in fact we believe that combining wonderful yoga classes and a bit of 5* pampering and delicious meals is the perfect holiday – and that's what makes us different.


Top-quality yoga classes are at the core of our trips, but we also make sure you enjoy the holiday part as much as the yoga part.


We're flexible on everything – all our yoga classes and activities are optional, we eat what we like and we enjoy wine with our meals. We won’t raise our eyebrows if you feel like sleeping in, and you can join the group or spend time on your own. Most people do a bit of both.


Our groups are relatively small, normally around 10-15 people (we avoid taking large groups), made up of singles, couples, friends, and solo travelers – many people come on their own, and from all around the world. We're very easygoing and somehow everyone always seems to get along!


Feel free to contact Yoga Escapes if you have any questions about our yoga holidays – happy to help.




We also believe that no two holidays should be the same, and that a human touch can make all the difference. Which is why two of us come along on every trip to show you around, deal with any issues, and plan day trips and group dinners.


We’ll show you the hidden places not mentioned in guidebooks and share with you the local traditions that make them special. The islands, beaches and towns we go to are really wonderful, we've chosen each yoga retreat location carefully – and are keen to show you all our favorite places!


5 star accommodation on our luxury yoga retreats - Yoga Escapes  www.yoga-escapes.com



We do love to spoil ourselves – we stay at 5* hotels, all with a private beach, a wonderful spa, spacious seaview rooms, full buffet breakfast, and great customer service. We’ve personally handpicked and visited all of the hotels, making sure to choose only the best.




We offer two yoga classes a day on our luxury yoga retreats: a morning Vinyasa flow class from 8:30-10am – an active powerful class with modifications to allow advanced people to challenge themselves and beginners to practice at their own pace. And we also have an evening 1-hour Yin yoga restorative class at sunset, where we relax into the poses and hold them longer, with a deeper stretch and longer relaxation – the perfect way to end the day before dinner.


Both classes are suitable for all levels, and our yoga teachers tailor them according to the people on each yoga retreat. So come along if you’ve been practicing for a while or if you’re just starting out.


What is Vinyasa yoga?

Vinyasa yoga is an active yoga practice that links one pose to the next in a flow-like manner, using the breath to move you from one pose to another. Each movement in the sequence is done in time with an inhalation or an exhalation, allowing the poses to run together and become almost like a smooth dance. Our Vinyasa classes begin with a gentle warm-up, and then move into an invigorating sun salutation series, followed by standing poses, balances, seated poses and inversions. And ending with a full body relaxation lying down to reap all the benefits of the physical practice – that’s the magical part! Our Vinyasa classes are suitable for all levels and you can go at your pace, our yoga teachers will modify poses for everyone, so come along if you’re starting out or have been practicing for a while.


What is Yin yoga?

Yin yoga is a very restorative style of yoga where the poses are practiced lying down or sitting on the floor. Each pose is held for a longer period of time – up to four or five minutes per pose. It has a much slower pace, there is no flow, no rapid movement from one pose to the next, and no standing poses. Expect deep forward bends, twists, hip openers, shoulder openers. The idea is to allow your body to fully relax into each pose, with the help of props to support you, so there’s no tension in the body. This will allow the connective tissue around your muscles, tendons and ligaments to slowly release, thereby improving flexibility and circulation. Yin yoga is the perfect counter-balance to a strong Vinyasa flow practice. It’s an inward-focused practice, and a more meditative and mindful approach to yoga. The perfect sunset evening class to wind down the day.  




Yoga is at the heart of our retreats, our teachers have studied with the best in the world, and they will challenge you physically. But most importantly, they understand the mental health benefits of yoga. You’ll definitely get a good workout, but the real goal of yoga is to challenge you enough physically so you can begin to let go and quiet the mind.


That’s what yoga is all about – calming the mind. And that’s what we teach on our yoga retreats. After a week of our yoga classes by the sea, you’ll surely see an improvement in your physical practice, but you’ll also feel restored mentally.


Teachers on our luxury yoga retreats - Yoga Escapes  www.yoga-escapes.comOUR WONDERFUL YOGA TEACHERS:


Our yoga teachers have many years of experience with all yoga levels and teach a balanced mix of yoga styles, bringing in elements of Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Yin and restorative yoga – always focusing on breath-movement alignment.


Holly is the head teacher at the Yoga London teacher training school and teaches in several high-end yoga studios in London. Sarah also teaches in London at The Third Space, Evolve, The Life Centre and Yotopia, as well as one-to-one sessions in the UK and the South of France. Tania teaches in several high-end studios in London including Triyoga and Yotopia, as well as privately, she's was asked by Lululemon to be one of their ambassadors and took the challenge! Lolo teaches both Vinyasa flow classes as well as a stronger Rocket practice at various top yoga studios in London, incuding Indaba, Yotopia and The Life Centre, and can also be found online on Udaya.


You can find more information about all our yoga teachers on our About Us page, or Contact Us if you'd like more details about them.



Luxury Yoga Retreat Delicious Meals - Yoga Escapes  www.yoga-escapes.comWE ENJOY GOOD FOOD:


We have purposefully not included dinners into the holiday package so you can try different restaurants or have dinner on your own rather than joining the group.


The locations we go to have fantastic restaurants, and by now we know the best. So we prefer not to eat at the hotel every night with a pre-set menu, instead we’ll organize a dinner each night for the group at a different restaurant so you can try the local cuisines – and it’s also less expensive for you this way.


We do however make sure that all dietary needs and allergies are taken into consideration, and respect people’s choices when it comes to food.





Take a look at some reviews from past participants about our luxury yoga holidays.





What style of yoga classes are available on retreat, and can beginners join?

We have all yoga levels on our retreats from beginners to advanced, and our yoga teachers will modify poses so you can practice at your own pace. They’ll teach a Vinyasa flow class in the morning, which is quite active and invigorating, and a heavenly restorative Yin yoga class in the evening with a longer relaxation.


What types of people join the yoga retreats?

We have people joining us from all over the world – from the UK and many other European countries, the US and Canada, Australia, South Africa to name a few. We welcome solo travelers – on average about half of the people on our yoga retreats come on their own. We also have couples, friends, sisters – everyone is welcome. We’ll plan group dinners and day trips for those who want to join, but also respect people’s space if you need some alone-time, it’s all part of the holiday.


What’s the average size of a group?

There are normally 10-15 people on each yoga retreat. This can vary slightly by retreat and by date, but we limit the number to 16 people on any retreat.


What is the daily itinerary?

We’re very flexible when it comes to schedules and itineraries. We have two yoga classes scheduled a day, and breakfast times – those are the only things that have a set time, but of course all are optional. The rest of the day and evening is completely up to you, well be there to offer up ideas for the group. Here’s our typical daily schedule:


8:30–10am: Vinyasa flow yoga class

10–11am: Breakfast

11am–6pm: Free time, beach, town, spa..

6–7pm: Restorative Yin yoga class

Evening: Dinner in town, beach, or nearby restaurant


What type of food will there be on retreat? I have a specific dietary need, will there be options? 

The buffet breakfasts at the hotels offer a wide variety of options from omelets and eggs any style, fresh fruits and veggies, yoghurts, juices, breads, pancakes, cheeses, nuts, the list goes on. As well as a gluten-free section.


The restaurants we go to have many options as well, all based on a healthy Mediterranean diet, and they can accommodate any type of dietary request. You’ll have many things to choose from including large salads, fresh grilled fish and meat, all sorts of veggies, as well as pasta, legumes… we eat what we like, no restrictions, and often people will enjoy a glass of wine with dinner. Delicious food is one of the highlights of our yoga retreats, and we make sure that all dietary needs and allergies are taken into consideration.


Are dinners included?

We have purposefully not included dinners into the holiday package so you can try different restaurants or have dinner on your own rather than joining the group. The locations we go to have fantastic restaurants, and by now we know the best! So we prefer not to eat at the hotel every night with a pre-set menu. Instead we’ll organize a dinner each night for the group at a different restaurant so you can try the local cuisine. And it’s also less expensive for you this way.


Can I share a room with someone else?

We’d be happy to arrange this, although most people joining us on their own seem to like their own room! We normally put people in a shared room if they're travelling together and request it specifically - friends, siblings, couples etc. However, if we do get requests from two people traveling on their own who would like to share, we can put you two in a shared room. Please let us know if this is your preference.


I'd like to come with my friend/ parter/ family member who won't be practicing yoga, is that ok?

Yes, you can come with somene who won't be practicing yoga, the price would be slightly less for that person, please contact us for details.


What payment methods are accepted?

You have the option to either pay by bank transfer or by credit card, and we can send you payment information for either. Note that Yoga Escapes uses Paypal for credit cards and Paypal charges a payment-processing fee between 4-5%. Contact us for the exact amount, since this varies by country.


Do I have to pay the full amount or a deposit?

Full payment is due at time of booking and is non-refundable. In some cases, if the booking date is far in advance, we will be happy to work with you and accept a 30% deposit to hold your place, and a balance payment shortly thereafter. Please contact us to discuss dates and amounts.


Are flights included?

We have not included flights into the holiday package since we have people joining from all over the world, so pricing it would be a challenge! The destinations we travel to have international airports with direct flights from several European cities, some also with affordable airlines such as Easyjet and Monarch. Please let us know if you need advice with flights.


What airport should I fly into? How far is the hotel from the airport?

For Mykonos: fly to Mykonos International Airport directly or via Athens on Aegean Air. The transfer to the hotel is about 20 minutes with the hotel private transport.

For Crete: fly to Chania International Airport directly or via Athens on Aegean Air. The transfer to the hotel is about 20 minutes, taxis can be easily found at the airport.

For Menorca: fly to Menorca International Airport directly or via Madrid or Barcelona on Iberia or Air Europa. The transfer to the hotel is about 20 minutes, taxis can be easily found at the airport.

For Sicily: fly into Catania International Airport directly or via Rome or Milano on Alitalia. The transfer to the hotel is about 45 minutes, taxis can be easily found at the airport, or we can help arrange a private car service for less than a taxi fare to meet you on arrival.

For Egypt: fly to Hurghada International Airport directly or via Cairo on Egyptair. The transfer to the hotel is about 45 minutes, we can help arrange a private car service in advance to meet you on arrival.


When should I arrive, and when should I plan to leave?

Plan to arrive at some point on the first day of the retreat (so for example arrive on the 9 October for the Sicily one). We’ll have a group dinner that evening to meet everyone, yoga classes will start the next morning, and people will leave at some point on the last day, depending on individual flights.


Can I arrive early or stay later after the yoga retreat ends?

Yes, if you’d like to arrive earlier or stay a few days after the yoga retreat ends, we can arrange that for you with the hotel. Let us know.


What times are the yoga classes?

The morning Vinyasa yoga classes are from 8:30-10am, and the evening Yin yoga restorative classes are at sunset, normally around 6-7pm or maybe a bit earlier depending on sunset at the location and time of year. All yoga classes are of course optional, and we’ll have a break one morning mid-week with no class, so you can take a full day trip or just sleep in.


Are yoga mats provided?

Yes, you’ll receive a yoga mat during the first class, to be kept with you throughout the week. On most retreats we also provide yoga blocks and straps, but feel free to bring anything else you may need for your yoga practice. There is no formal yoga studio, instead we practice outside on a yoga space overlooking the sea.


What’s the weather like? 

Sunny and warm! We’ve specifically chosen the dates and locations for our yoga retreats to maximize the best weather at that time of year. So we can practice yoga outside without it being uncomfortable, and we can go swimming in the sea, enjoy days on the beach, and have dinner at outdoor restaurants.


Currency, credit cards, cash:

The currency in Italy, Greece and Spain is the Euro, and in Egypt it’s the Egyptian Pound. You can find the exchange rate for your currency using this Currency Converter. Credit cards are widely accepted in all our destinations and hotels (Amex a bit less than others), and Cash Points / ATMs are also very easy to find. We recommend that you withdraw some cash on arrival for everyday purchases.



There is complementary wi-fi in all the hotel rooms, as well as in common areas of the hotels.


Air conditioning:

The rooms in our hotels all have air conditioning.


Safety box:

All our hotels have a safety box in every room.


Electricity voltage and power adapters:

Electrical outlets in Greece, Italy, Spain and Egypt are standard type C and type F. Voltage is 230V. Here’s a handy website with info on worldwide electricity sockets and voltage. All rooms have hair dryers, and for people coming from the US – be careful with you hairdryers and other appliances that are on US voltage, they may burn and die with the higher voltage abroad – check before using or buy a converter. 


Are the yoga retreat destinations safe?

All our destinations are extremely safe, we would never organize a yoga retreat in a location we felt would present any danger. In fact we’ve held off on our Egypt yoga retreat until the situation in the surrounding countries appeases. We’ve also been asked if the refugee problem in Greece affects Mykonos and Crete. And we can reassure you that it doesn’t in the least. These islands are very far from the refugee entry points into Greece and are not affected at all – rest assured that there is no sign whatsoever of refugee issues on Mykonos and Crete.



Tipping at restaurants is not obligatory in any of our destinations, but of course always appreciated. It’s not a set amount, but usually the total is rounded up to 5-10%. Sometimes a “bread and cover” charge will be included on the bill, but this is not the tip.


Cancellation Policy:

Yoga Escapes will only cancel a yoga holiday if an unforeseen event in the holiday destination will put our guests at risk. All payments will be refunded immediately and guests will be notified in advance. Yoga Escapes' retreat locations are very safe and Yoga Escapes has never had to cancel a yoga retreat. We recommend that guests look into travel insurance that covers cancellations in case of personal emergencies. Yoga Escapes will not be able to refund any payments if the cancellation is initiated by the guests. Please see our full Cancellation Policy for more details.




We're proud to be featured in several magazines, here's what they're saying:


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30 Apr – 7 May 2017

815 Oct 2017

1522 Oct 2017


20–27 May 2017

27 May – 3 June 2017

3–10 June 2017

9–16 September 2017

16–23 September 2017


Menorca, Spain:

17–24 June 2017

2–9 September 2017


Crete, Greece:

30 Sept 7 Oct 2017




"The best part of the day was our sunset restorative yoga classes by the sea."

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