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The best restaurants in Siracusa Sicily according to the locals

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We’ve discovered the most delicious restaurants in Siracusa Sicily by following the locals’ advice – and they were right!


One of the highlights of our yoga retreats in Italy is the delicious food and the fantastic restaurants recommended by the locals. From small family-owned tavernas to high-end classy restaurants, it’s hard to get a bad meal.


We’ve been taking yoga groups to Sicily for years to the gorgeous town of Siracusa, we’ve tried most of the restaurants in town and have narrowed down our favorites to the ones below. These restaurants are all located on the charming island of Ortigia which lies at the very tip of Siracusa, you’ll find them tucked away in the peaceful pedestrian streets of this small island. Each one offers something special – pick one depending on your taste and you’ll be sure to have a great culinary experience!


Our favorite restaurants in Ortigia-Siracusa:


Vinyasa yoga or restorative yoga – which is better for you?

yoga on our terrace in sicily

Vinyasa yoga or Yin yoga – which has more benefits?  

Many people who practice yoga regularly find themselves drawn to either a vigorous active practice, or alternatively to a more gentle restorative practice.


If you’re intrinsically a very energetic person, you’ll tend to seek out Vinyasa flow or Power yoga classes, maybe even a Bikram class to let go of that extra steam. Instead if you’re naturally a more sedentary person, you’ll find that your body is instinctively drawn to a slower practice, such as a Restorative yoga class or a Yin yoga class.


So which yoga practice is better for you?


3 of our favorite foods in Menorca Spain

spanish skewers

Menorca is an island rich with local fresh ingredients and delicious cuisine. 


The Balearic islands to the east of mainland Spain have had a long history of fresh local cuisine and are an ideal place to explore on a culinary adventure.


We take groups every summer on yoga retreats to Menorca island and have scoped out our favorite dishes and local specialties. From savory pastries and sweets, to seafood plates and vegetarian dishes, there’s something for everyone. We’ve picked three of our favorite foods that are typical to Menorca, but there are plenty more! 


3 of our favorite foods to eat in Menorca:


New Year’s Resolutions – have you given up yet?

best new year resolutions quotes

The secret to New Year’s Resolutions: keep it simple! 


Ever wonder why many of us abandon our new year’s resolutions so soon after we make them?

Perhaps we set goals that are unachievable, perhaps we set too many resolutions at once, or sometimes life just gets in the way and we don’t take the time to focus on them. So we just give up after a while and go back to last year’s routine. But this leaves us even more stressed, and we can’t ignore that feeling of failure and being stuck in a rut.

So this year, rather than making a long list of resolutions or setting goals which are too challenging, why not focus on three or four things that you know you can fit into your busy life. Things that can be done on a daily basis that don’t require an enormous commitment.

Just a few small steps and small achievements can do wonders, and can make you feel like you’re moving in the right direction, rather than trying to reach a goal which seems too daunting.


4 easy New Year’s Resolutions to keep you feeling positive:


4 reasons to go on a yoga retreat in Greece this summer

yoga retreat in greece with yoga escapes

Greece is the perfect destination for a summer yoga retreat.

With its gorgeous beaches, delicious food, warm sunshine and charming towns full of character, you can’t beat Greece as the perfect summer destination and a fantastic place to explore on a yoga retreat. From the well-known islands of Mykonos and Santorini, to the more remote islands off the beaten path, there’s a yoga retreat for every taste.

It all depends on whether your goal is to get away from the hustle and bustle and find a quiet secluded place far away from everything, or perhaps you want to be pampered and spoiled at a luxury 5* hotel and not have to worry about a thing.

Some islands have international airports and are easy to get to, while others require a bit more planning and perhaps a boat transfer after your flight. But whichever you choose, you will surely fall in love with life on the Greek islands, and a yoga retreat is the perfect way to discover this magical place.

4 reasons to go on a yoga retreat in Greece this summer:

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