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See what our guests are saying about our yoga holidays:


"A perfect balance between excellent yoga classes and a fun holiday with a great group of people. Beautiful location, perfect organization, relaxing days at the beach and evenings out at delicious restaurants. Laura makes everyone feel comfortable and part of the group, and Holly’s yoga classes by the sea were wonderful. I want to go back!"  Marina, Milano


"What an amazing holiday we had! Well done to Laura for organizing such a fabulous time and obviously thank you to Sarah for being such a super yoga teacher! What a star! I really haven't enjoyed a holiday so much for a long time. The company was excellent as was the hotel, food and enjoyable yoga."  Kay, Wales


"A great holiday – yoga, hotel and setting were all excellent, but most important in making this a special experience were Laura and Holly. Laura has an intimate knowledge of Mykonos and organized restaurants, beach trips etc. with a personal touch. Nothing was too much trouble and everything was done without fuss. She has a knack of being well organized but making everyone feel thoroughly relaxed."  Bernard, Amsterdam


"The best part of the day was our restorative yoga classes at sunset by the sea. I've never felt so peaceful, calm and grounded. My hectic life back home seemed miles away and I could finally breathe, but really breathe, with a completely new perspective on life. Thank you for a wonderful yoga retreat and for opening up those feelings again."  Mark, New York


"This is exactly what we were looking for – a yoga retreat where we felt all the great benefits of yoga but did not have to give up everything else, this was not your typical yoga retreat in a secluded place, instead we could enjoy all the things we like when on holiday, with the incredible feeling from practicing yoga every day, especially near the sea. We loved going around the town and discovering a different beach each day, it was nice to try out different restaurants and had some great meals and wine. The perfect way to include yoga into a real holiday."  Alex, Paris


"We have safely landed back in Canada and are trying to cope with the time change and learning to do without our daily prosecco, pastries for breakfast, gelato for lunch and of course the delicious pasta and pizza for dinner. What a wonderful week, I miss our yoga classes, I need Sarah here to remind me to relax and enjoy the moment and of course dab me with lavender! It was so great meeting all of you, miss you guys, hopefully we can all meet up in Greece next year! Laura you organized a wonderful trip!!" Kim, Toronto


"These few words to tell you that I enjoyed every minute of this stay with you in Sicily and that I miss you! I look forward to our next retreat!"  Béné, Geneva


"Thank you very much for the great time you created for us. I really enjoyed the beautiful places you chose for us and the great yoga classes we could practice with Holly. It was a very special experience to practice yoga on the little wood trace with the beauty of the view of the sea. Being back in the city - in the noise with cars, telephone and all the requests of clients and business partners at the same time, I can now breathe and remember this beauty and peaceful view in my eyes.Simone, Berlin


"I was a little hesitant to go on my own but as soon as I arrived I immediately felt the warmth of the group, there were people from all over with different backgrounds and reasons for coming to our yoga retreat, it was so comforting to go through this experience with them, yoga does something magical to you, and this yoga retreat did something magical to me."  Stefanie, Toronto


"The yoga holiday was a great experience and treat for my big birthday. The small group made it even more special, so you were able to get to know each other more easily. Holly was a great teacher, I want to have her set up a daily program for me. She was good about offering alternatives for each person. And I really enjoyed all of the restaurants, and eating as a group was really nice. Laura was very conscientious to try and please all clients which I appreciated."  Meg, London


"A big thank you for organizing the yoga retreat so brilliantly. It was like arriving with a ready made group of friends, all such lovely people and a real fun way to start our holiday."  Gavin, London


"We were privileged to have Holly as our yoga teacher – she made it challenging but was tuned in to each individual and was always there to correct and encourage. Holly also has a lovely manner and lessons had a good balance of learning, focus and some fun.Majella, Amsterdam


"We were led by a fantastic strong yet gentle and gracious teacher – Holly. We left all our worries behind and found ourselves in the very capable hands of our worldly knowledgeable Caprice dancing captain – Laura – well versed in the lay of the land of Mykonos and made all appear so seamless. This is not an easy task! The yoga, the dinners, the hotel, the group were all perfection! I thank you with all the love in my heart. To the group - you all are so unique and I am so thankful I had the opportunity to spend a week in paradise with all of you. My heart is full with you all."  Ilene, New York


"I’m now home after spending the last couple of days relaxing even further! I had to enter the plane horizontal on a stretcher – I was so laid back I couldn’t stand… I have many great memories of all of us holidaying together. Laura, It appears that your work in conceiving, planning and organizing the trip was outstanding, as was your continuous presence and availability during the trip. I always felt in safe hands. You managed to combine your work and being with the group at the same time and seemingly effortlessly. Holly’s work was amazing! and very enjoyable, I feel I have significantly moved forward in my practice. Thanks again for a wonderful holiday!"  Susan, London


"I must say that it was a great yoga holiday. You people were all great, and I felt I have known you for years. Laura, you did a great job making sure every one was happy. Holly, you are a great teacher, you managed to give us the confidence to do all the hard poses. I must also say that you have a great soothing voice which added something special about the practice. I did mention this once and everybody agreed, so taking up singing on the side might be a good idea!"  Hanna, Amman


"I had an amazing yoga holiday with all of you and feel relaxed and refreshed! Thanks for all the arrangements Laura everything was perfect. The hotel was beautiful, the beaches gorgeous, all food was delicious and you took us to a great variety of places including the Shirley Valentine restaurant! I proved all my friends wrong and managed to come home and not stay in Greece as they were all calling me Shirley! The yoga was great Holly - I can't believe all the poses that you managed to get me to do - crow, headstand etc. It was so lovely to meet everyone and hope we keep in touch!'  Alison, London


'Thanks Laura and Holly for a fantastic week in Mykonos. I've been on yoga holidays before but my week with Yoga Escapes was the first one to strike the right balance of uplifting and restoring yoga mixed with fun evenings and plenty of time to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery. I'll certainly be back.'  Jules, London


"This is the perfect escape when you still need a little summer sunshine to keep you going in October! Practicing yoga outside by the sea was really a special treat, everything was arranged to perfection, thank you for making me feel so good again."  Laura, Dublin


"A real luxury and exactly what I needed right now in my life, I feel like I’ve had a week-long full body yoga massage! This is a yoga retreat with a difference. Thank you for the wonderful yoga classes, the gorgeous hotel, the delicious dinners, and all your planning and attention – what a fantastic experience."  Kate, Cape Town