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Below is the calendar for our 2017 yoga retreats. To find out more about each yoga retreat, please click on the individual destination.


We will be adding more dates and locations shortly. Check back here or contact Yoga Escapes if you'd like to receive an email with that information.





30 April - 7 May 2017 SICILY, ITALY Euro €1500

20-27 May 2017

27 May-3 June 2017 MYKONOS, GREECE Euro €1800
3-10 June 2017 MYKONOS, GREECE Euro €1900
17-24 June 2017 MENORCA, SPAIN Euro €1900

2-9 September 2017

9-16 September 2017 MYKONOS, GREECE Euro €1900
16-23 September 2017 MYKONOS, GREECE Euro €1900
30 September - 7 October 2017 CRETE, GREECE Euro €1800

8-15 October 2017

SICILY, ITALY Euro €1500
15-22 October 2017 SICILY, ITALY Euro €1500
2017 dates coming soon EGYPT - RED SEA info coming soon



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2013 Calendar of our Luxury Yoga Retreats - Yoga Escapes  www.yoga-escapes.com


30 Apr – 7 May 2017

815 Oct 2017

1522 Oct 2017


20–27 May 2017

27 May – 3 June 2017

3–10 June 2017

9–16 September 2017

16–23 September 2017


Menorca, Spain:

17–24 June 2017

2–9 September 2017


Crete, Greece:

30 Sept 7 Oct 2017




"I feel I have significantly moved forward in my yoga practice. Thanks again for a wonderful holiday!"

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Yoga Retreat Activities

Luxury Yoga Retreat Activities - Yoga Escapes  www.yoga-escapes.com


Our yoga retreats offer plenty of activities in between yoga classes. Take a daytrip to a nearby island, relax with a soothing massage, try jet skiing, golfing, or diving, treat yourself to high-end shopping, or simply lounge on a beautiful beach.


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