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Luxury yoga retreats in exclusive destinations.

Superb yoga by the sea and a true holiday experience.

The best of both worlds

Our luxury yoga retreats offer the best of both worlds: top-quality yoga classes, and the freedom to enjoy a real holiday. No rules, no strict schedules, your time to unwind as you please.

We visit beautiful destinations and stay at gorgeous 5-star hotels on the beach. We enjoy good food and wine, we splurge on spa treatments and discover new cultures and traditions. We’ve also handpicked the best yoga teachers from top studios to provide you a truly wonderful yoga week.

And we’ve taken care of all the details, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

About our Luxury Yoga Retreats

Just be you

We’re flexible on everything – all our yoga classes and activities are optional, we eat and drink what we like, we don’t mind if you sleep in or skip a yoga class, and you can join the group or spend time on your own. Most people do a bit of both. This is not bootcamp – there’s plenty to see and do, and plenty of time to relax.

People join our luxury yoga retreats from all over the world, and we create a warm group feeling right from the start. There’s always a bit of fun, adventure, heartfelt conversations and lots of laughs.

You can just be you, no pressures, no judgments.

See what people are saying about us

Beautiful handpicked locations

No rules, everything is optional

Gorgeous 5* hotels on the beach

Small groups for personal experiences

First-rate yoga classes by the sea

A chance to let go on a real holiday

Let us take you to paradise.

Explore our luxury yoga retreats:

Yoga Retreat in Lanzarote Spain
18–25 February 2023

Lanzarote in the Canary Islands is the perfect escape from cold winter weather to warm sunny days on a charming island. Yoga by the ocean, lovely beaches, pool-time at a 5* hotel, and sunset walks along the promenade.

Yoga Retreat in Morocco
26 February–5 March 2023

Join us in Marrakesh for a cultural yoga week with bustling markets, tasty tagines and colorful textiles. We’ll plan a day trip to the Atlas Mountains, camel rides and tea in the desert, and time to relax at our 5* hotel.

Yoga Retreat in Sicily Italy
April & October 2023

Our luxury yoga retreat in Sicily is the perfect mix of 5* pampering and old-world Italian charm. We’ll visit picturesque towns and lovely beaches, take bike rides and boat trips, enjoy delicious meals, gelato and prosecco!

Yoga Retreat in Corfu Greece
4–11 May 2023

With its beautiful beaches, charming town, and a wonderful feeling of peace at our 5* hotel by the sea, Corfu is the perfect destination for an early summer yoga escape. Sailing, massages, swims in the sea, and plenty of time to relax.

Yoga Retreat in Mykonos Greece
June & September 2023

The quintessential Greek island – Mykonos is famous for its beautiful beaches, pristine sea, charming town and breathtaking sunsets. It’s the perfect place for a 5* yoga retreat, we’ll show you around – we know the island well.

Yoga Retreat in Menorca Spain
18–25 June 2023

We’re off to Menorca for a yoga retreat on the island’s most heavenly beach. Menorca’s natural beauty, slow pace, and laid-back lifestyle make it an ideal place for a yoga escape – the best-kept secret of the Med!

Yoga Retreat in Croatia
16-23 & 23-30 September 2023

Discover the beautiful town of Rovinj on the Croatian coast and relax at a modern 5* hotel with a private beach, infinity pool and a superb spa. With time for bike rides along the coast and boat trips to nearby islands.

Yoga Retreat in Crete Greece
30 Sept–7 Oct 2023

A fantastic yoga retreat at a 5* adults-only hotel on the beach. Stroll around the gorgeous town of Chania, enjoy delicious meals with locally grown products, and swim at Crete’s stunning beaches. Time to unwind.

Yoga Retreat in Egypt
23–30 November 2023

Soma Bay is the most upscale resort on the Red Sea, with sandy beaches, clear blue water and sunshine year-round. We’ll stay at the 5* Kempinski Hotel, with plenty of time for sailing, snorkeling and the best spa in Egypt.

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What people are saying

“I never imagined what an incredible and transformational week this would be for me. It exceeded my imagination and expectations… I loved every minute of this adventure.” Michel, New York
“This was exactly what we were looking for in a vacation – all the benefits of yoga but not having to give up eating what we liked or follow strict schedules. A great way to include yoga into a relaxing vacation.” Alex, Paris
“I had a very stressful year and I came here for one week and it was way more than I expected, I’m now going back home totally relaxed, thank you for an amazing yoga retreat.” Eitan, Tel Aviv
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