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Tempted by sweets and unhealthy snacks? Here’s some help.

unhealthy snacksThe most common goals that many of us have at some point in our life are eating healthy, losing those extra pounds, and keeping them off for good.

But before we know it, we find ourselves back in our busy schedules, busy in meetings, taking care of the kids, skipping the gym or yoga class, and eating whatever is fastest and easiest to prepare.

We know we need to make changes, but when we’re on the run, all those great plans to eat well and become healthy go out the window. So rather than grabbing a muffin for breakfast or a chocolate bar mid afternoon, try one of these healthy snacks – they’re fast and some don’t require any preparation at all.

5 healthy snacks on the go:

mixed nut is a very healthy snackA handful of nuts:

Nuts are packed with protein and good fats, they help lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. Try a mix of almonds, cashews, walnuts, pecans and peanuts, but stick to a portion that will fit in the palm of your hand and try to stay away from the salted ones.

These are a perfect option on the go, in the car, in between meetings, on the train or right after your yoga class.

And they’ll keep you feeling full for longer.

hummus and veggie sticksHummus and veggie sticks:

This is another easy healthy option that requires no preparation. Buy some hummus and pre-sliced veggies at the supermarket, keep them handy in your refrigerator and have a bite while preparing dinner for the kids.

If you have a refrigerator at work, keep a portion there and have it as an afternoon snack instead of a chocolate bar.

Don’t be tempted to eat hummus with pita bread – try veggies for a change and your body will thank you later.

peanut butter and apple slicesApple slices and peanut butter:

Another favorite. There’s something about combining juicy apple slices and dense peanut butter that creates a wonderful sensation in your mouth of freshness and creaminess, sweet and salty.

This is a very filling snack, but watch the portion size with the peanut butter, and buy some that is made of 100% peanuts without the added salt or oil.

A great energy-booster for a high-powered yoga class.

boiled egg is a great snack

Boiled eggs:

Don’t have time for breakfast or not very hungry first thing in the morning? Boil a couple of eggs the night before, toss them in your bag and eat them once you get to work.

If you’re really watching you calories, remove the yolks and only eat the whites – you’ll eliminate a lot of the calories but it won’t be as filling, causing you to get hungry again sooner, so why not indulge in the yolks as well, it will keep you going until lunch.

miso soup as a healthy quick snackMiso soup:

If Japanese food is your thing, keep a bag of powdered miso soup at your desk, and when you get an afternoon urge for a coffee filled with cream and sugar, try replacing it with a cup of miso soup instead – just pour hot water and you’re done! Great for cold winter days and very low on calories.

You can find individual bags of powdered miso soup pretty much in any supermarket these days, but try several kinds before you stick to one, or ask your local Japanese restaurant. A great snack before yoga to avoid that heavy feeling during class.

Here’s to healthy eating!

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