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Sunset view overlooking the sea on a yoga retreat in Menorca.

Solo travel is on the rise. Since the pandemic, the demand for solo trips has increased and solo travel companies are seeing a boom in interest. In fact, according to research commissioned by a cruise company, three in ten Brits have booked a solo holiday for 2023, and over a third prefer traveling alone than with others. And travelers from other countries are closely following the same trend.

So why is it so popular?

Whether you’re going on a spiritual journey or simply ready to see the world, solo travel can be empowering, rewarding, and ultimately a lot of fun.

One of the questions we get asked a lot from new Yoga Escapes customers is “is it ok to travel solo with you?”

The answer is a resounding yes! Most people who join us are solo travelers, and we think choosing to come to one of our luxury yoga retreats alone could be a hugely liberating and transformational experience. 

Here are seven solo travel benefits to help you explore why you should choose solo travel for your next holiday.

Meet new people

Traveling alone will mean you’re more likely to strike up a conversation with people you don’t know on your trip. You won’t be tempted to just stick with the people who are traveling with you, and who knows who you might meet!

While putting yourself out there – especially in a new place – can be intimidating, it will get easier the more you do it and the more you get used to it. And there might also be someone else traveling alone who would be very happy to exchange life stories and enjoy your company.

Everyone is welcome on our yoga retreats, so if you choose to come alone, you’re sure to meet all sorts of people from different backgrounds and with inspiring interests.

Do it your way

One of our favorite things about solo travel is that you have the freedom to do exactly what you want, when you want. You don’t have to compromise on things you want to do, and you don’t need to depend on anyone else’s habits nor follow anyone’s else’s schedule. You won’t have to wait for anyone else to wake up, or you can sleep in as much as you like. Nor negotiate about whether you should spend the day exploring or relaxing by the pool. There’s no pressure!

Solo travel can also mean leaving pre-set schedules and itineraries behind, so why not see what each day brings? 

Our retreats offer curated experiences, trips and activities – but we don’t expect you to stick to a rigid plan. We know that solo travel is all about doing what you feel like doing, so you can enjoy your holiday focused on your own desires.

Get to know yourself better

When you spend some quiet time by yourself, it gives you the space – both physically and mentally – to look inward. You’re able to tune in to what makes you happy, what helps you relax, what brings you joy, and what doesn’t work for you.

You might even start to understand more about yourself and your habits and preferences, setting yourself on a path of personal growth and self-care. 

When you go on a yoga retreat like ours, all of this will be strengthened by the practices our expert yoga teachers bring to each day, and we encourage you to spend time reflecting on what makes you truly happy and what you can let go of in life. Even if you’re not joining us on a spiritual journey, we hope you’ll leave our group feeling a bit more ‘you’.

Boost your confidence

Do you watch others traveling solo and wish you could be that brave? Why not prove to yourself that you are already! Showing yourself that you can do things that scare you can often lead to incredible experiences and can elevate your confidence and help you overcome anxieties and self-criticisms.

A safety net is always welcome, though, so choosing to travel solo with an organized group, or on a group retreat, could be the ideal way to begin your solo travel adventures. Our team will always be with you on our luxury yoga retreats, so there’s always somebody there to help with itineraries, plans, group dinners, and all the little things. We’re confident that you’ll be hooked on solo travel after one trip!

See the world without waiting for others

Why wait for someone else to see the world? Apparently, 59% of solo travelers choose to go away on their own because they don’t want to wait for someone else to join them.

If there’s somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, it can be challenging to find somebody to travel with who is equally as keen on the destination and who can take time off at the same time as you. You deserve to see our beautiful planet – you shouldn’t have to put your plans on hold! So shift the conversation in your mind and start asking yourself ‘when and where?’ rather than ‘with who?’.

There’s always someone who will help you

Solo travel – especially for women – can be intimidating and even a bit scary at times. In fact, while the vast majority of solo travelers are women, around 76% said they would ‘feel unsafe on holiday by themselves’.

The people you meet when traveling alone and the connections you build along the way will ensure that you have someone to lean on if things get a little daunting and you need advice navigating a new place, or just a good recommendation for a restaurant.

Choosing to stay in hotels and resorts with reps can also be incredibly reassuring. And if you book a trip with a reputable company, solo travel package, or an organized excursion, there will be professionals there to lend a hand as well. There are plenty of solo travel tour companies out there who can help you.

We always have two Yoga Escapes reps on all our yoga retreats, and we plan the whole thing. So you get all the perks of solo travel without having to do it entirely alone!

You’re more likely to try something new

Having the independence to spend your trip doing exactly what you want could encourage you to say yes to new experiences.

Traveling with others could sometimes mean being pressured into doing things you don’t want to do, or miss activities that you have always wanted to experience. You might feel discouraged by others and end up turning down an opportunity you might regret later. You could even easily get stuck in the same old safe routines.

Solo travel opens doors and could lead to some truly unique experiences. There’s nobody to judge or dissuade you, and your new-found confidence could lead to some pretty amazing outcomes. It might also help you improve your decision-making skills, and you could discover new likes and loves simply because you said yes.

Our yoga retreats are perfect for solo travelers

Our retreats are about more than yoga. We handpick experiences and activities for you to try in some of the world’s most beautiful destinations, offering a truly flexible, relaxing, and luxurious experience. And everything is optional – so you can dip into any of the day trips or group dinners, or spend time recharging on your own. Most people who join us do a bit of both.

So why miss out? Whether you’re looking to meet other people when you travel or are content with some quiet time, our yoga retreats welcome anyone and everyone, regardless of whether you’re traveling with someone else or flying solo.


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