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Christmas Overload and How To Get Through The Stress.

a yoga approach to christmas“I’ve got so much to do I’m just trying to get through the next few days”. How many times have you overheard this conversation during the weeks before Christmas.

It’s that time of year, we know it well – the stress, the lack of time, and too many things to get done. There’s always another errand to run and one more thing on your to-do list. The hardest part is not letting it all get to you.

But how not to let it all get to you?

By truly enjoying every single task, every mundane item on your to-do list, however tedious and difficult it is.

That doesn’t sound too exciting. But give it a try – really get into buying all those gifts, cooking that huge dinner, sitting through never-ending Christmas concerts, finishing that year-end report for your boss.

To quote my wonderful yoga teacher, think of it like an advent calendar – open one surprise at a time and savor it before moving on to the next. Attack one chore at a time, and even if it’s a chore, immerse yourself in it completely, you’ll be much more productive than trying to do everything all together. Believe me, it works, you somehow magically gain time.

Focus on now.

All year long we’re constantly being reminded in our yoga classes and on our luxury yoga retreats to live in the moment, savor the present, focus on the now. This is the time of year to really put that into practice. Because once New Year’s rolls around, there will be a whole new set of resolutions to tackle.

So enjoy these holiday moments now with your family and friends, rather than stressing about the next two or three weeks. They’ll be over before you know it, and you don’t want to miss out on all the fun.

Happy holidays!

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