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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Yoga Escapes will cancel a yoga holiday if an unforeseen event in the holiday destination would put our participants at risk. All payments would be refunded if that happens a month or more before the start of the retreat. Yoga Escapes’ retreat locations are very safe and Yoga Escapes has never had to cancel a yoga retreat.

Yoga Escapes would prefer not to work with a cancellation policy, but unfortunately we have to. We therefore recommend that participants look into travel insurance that covers cancellations in case of personal emergencies, or unforeseen events as mentioned above. Yoga Escapes will not be able to refund any payments if the cancellation is initiated by the participants.

Yoga Escapes does not accept any liability for cancellations, delays or changes caused by closure of airports, civil strife, industrial action, natural disaster, technical problems to transport, staff cancellations, terrorist actions or threats, unforeseen changes in your personal circumstances or other events beyond our control, participants’ medical or psychiatric conditions which may develop before, during or subsequent to the yoga holiday, loss of, or damage to, personal property of participants. Yoga Escapes is not liable for any injuries participants may incur before, during or after the yoga holiday. Our yoga teachers are fully insured and put the safety of our guests before everything else.

Yoga Escapes reserves the right to cancel the participation of any participant who acts in a disruptive, unsafe, or unacceptable manner at any point before or during the yoga week, toward other participants, toward the yoga teacher or organizers, toward the hotel, restaurants or any of the establishments visited at the yoga holiday location. In the event that this happens, no refunds will be issued. Thankfully Yoga Escapes has never had to do this. Yoga Escapes also reserves the right to deem what is considered disruptive, unsafe, or unacceptable behavior.

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