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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions below, if you still need more information, feel free to get in touch.

What yoga styles are taught on retreat?

We offer two yoga classes a day on our yoga retreats: a morning Vinyasa flow class which is quite active and invigorating, and a heavenly restorative Yin yoga class in the evening with a longer relaxation. Both classes are suitable for all levels. You can find out more about these two yoga styles here.

Can beginners join?
Yes, beginners can join. We have all yoga levels from beginners to advanced, and our teachers will modify the classes so you can practice at your own pace.
What’s the average size of a group?
There are normally 10-15 people on each yoga retreat. This can vary slightly by retreat and by date, but we tend to limit the number to 16 people.
What types of people join the yoga retreats?

People join us from all over the world – from the UK, many European countries, the US and Canada, Australia, South Africa just to name a few. We welcome solo travelers – on average about half of the people on our yoga retreats come on their own. As well as couples, friends, siblings, and we always have a range of ages, everyone is welcome! We’ll plan group dinners and day trips for those who want to join, but also respect people’s space if you need some alone-time, it’s all part of the holiday.

What is the daily itinerary?

We’re very flexible when it comes to schedules and itineraries. We have two yoga classes scheduled a day, and breakfast times – these are the only set times, but of course all are optional. The rest of the day and evening is completely up to you, we’ll be there to offer up ideas for the group. Here’s our typical daily schedule:

8:30–10am Vinyasa flow yoga class
10–11am Breakfast
11am–5pm Free time, beach, town, spa.
5–6pm Yin yoga class
Evening Dinner in town, beach, or nearby restaurant
What type of food will there be on retreat? I have a specific dietary need, will there be options?

The buffet breakfasts at the hotels offer a wide variety of options from omelettes and eggs any style, fresh fruits and veggies, yogurts, juices, breads, pancakes, cheeses, nuts, the list goes on. As well as a gluten-free section.

The restaurants we go to have many options as well, all based on a healthy Mediterranean diet, and they can accommodate any type of dietary request. You’ll have many things to choose from including large salads, fresh grilled fish and meat, all sorts of veggies, as well as pasta and legumes. We eat what we like, no restrictions, and often people will enjoy a glass of wine with dinner. Delicious food is one of the highlights of our yoga retreats, and we make sure that all dietary needs and allergies are taken into consideration.

Are dinners included?
We have purposefully not included dinners into the holiday package so you can try different restaurants or have dinner on your own rather than joining the group. The locations we go to have fantastic restaurants, and by now we know the best! So we prefer not to eat at the hotel every night with a pre-set menu. Instead we’ll organize a dinner each night for the group at a different restaurant so you can try the local cuisine. And it’s also less expensive for you this way.
I'm traveling on my own - can I have my own private room?
We have many people joining our yoga retreats on their own – our solo guests enjoy an en-suite double room all to themselves and don’t need to share a room.
Can I share a room with someone else?

We’d be happy to arrange this, although most people joining us on their own seem to like their own room. We normally put people in a shared room if they’re traveling together and request it specifically – friends, siblings, couples etc. However, if we do get requests from two people traveling on their own who would like to share, we can put you two in a shared room. Please contact us if this is your preference.

I'd like to come with someone else who won't be practicing yoga, is that ok?

Yes, you can come with someone who won’t be practicing yoga, the price would be less for that person, please contact us for details.

What times are the yoga classes?
The morning Vinyasa yoga classes are from 8:30-10am, and the evening Yin yoga restorative classes are normally around 5-6pm, depending on sunset time at the location and time of year. All yoga classes are of course optional, and we’ll have a break one morning mid-week with no class, so you can take a full day trip or just sleep in.
Can we book extra yoga classes during the retreat?

Yes, you can book extra yoga classes with the yoga teacher during the yoga retreat. You can arrange this directly with the yoga teacher once you are at the destination. Alternatively you can arrange this in advance by contacting us and we can put you in touch with the yoga teacher to arrange the private classes ahead of time.

Are yoga mats provided?

The hotels we go to unfortunately don’t provide yoga mats / props, we therefore as that you please bring your own yoga mat and feel free to bring anything else you may need for your yoga practice, such as a block and a strap. In some locations we can have mats and props for sale, please ask us and we can check for you.

Are flights included?
We have not included flights into the holiday package since we have people joining from all over the world. The destinations we travel to have international airports with direct flights from several European cities, some also with affordable airlines such as Easyjet.
When should I arrive, and when should I plan to leave?
Plan to arrive at some point on the first day of the retreat (the first date mentioned in the dates listed on our website). We’ll have a group dinner that evening to meet everyone, and yoga classes will start the next morning. The last class will be the evening before the last day of the retreat, and people will leave at some point on the next day depending on flights. Hotel check-out is usually around 12noon, but you can stay at the hotel and use the facilities, pool, beach and spa if you have a later flight.
Can I arrive early or stay later after the yoga retreat ends?

Yes, if you’d like to arrive earlier or stay a few days extra, we can arrange that for you with the hotel. Please contact us to let us know.

What airport should I fly into? How far is the hotel from the airport?
For Marrakesh: fly to Marrakesh International Airport directly or via Casablanca on Egypt Air. The transfer to the hotel is about 20 minutes with the hotel private transport.
For Mykonos: fly to Mykonos International Airport directly or via Athens on Aegean Air. The transfer to the hotel is about 20 minutes with the hotel private transport.
For Crete: fly to Chania International Airport directly or via Athens on Aegean Air. The transfer to the hotel is about 20 minutes, taxis can be easily found at the airport.
For Menorca: fly to Menorca International Airport directly or via Madrid or Barcelona on Iberia or Air Europa. The transfer to the hotel is about 30 minutes, taxis can be easily found at the airport.
For Sicily: fly into Catania International Airport directly or via Rome or Milano on Alitalia. The transfer to the hotel is about 40 minutes, taxis can be easily found at the airport, or we can help arrange a private car service for less than a taxi fare to meet you on arrival.
For Egypt: fly to Hurghada International Airport directly or via Cairo on Egyptair. The transfer to the hotel is about 45 minutes, we can help arrange a private car service in advance to meet you on arrival.
For Croatia: the closest airport is Pula Airport, the transfer to the hotel is about 30 minutes, taxis can be easily found at the airport. You could also fly into Venice, however the transfer from there is about 3 hours in a car or on a boat.
For Lanzarote Canary Islands: fly to Lanzarote directly (there is only one airport on the island). The transfer to the hotel is about 20 minutes, taxis can be easily found at the airport.
Do I need to bring a towel for the pool and the beach?
All our hotels provide large towels for the beach and pool for free, so you do not need to bring one. They will also replace them with clean ones for you daily.
What’s the weather like?
Sunny and warm! We’ve specifically chosen the dates and locations for our yoga retreats to maximize the best weather at that time of year for each location. So we can practice yoga outside without it being uncomfortable, and we can go swimming in the sea, enjoy days on the beach, and have dinner at outdoor restaurants.
Currency, credit cards, cash:
The currency in Italy, Greece Croatia and Spain is the Euro. In Morocco it’s the Moroccan Dirham. In Egypt it’s the Egyptian Pound but Euros are often accepted.
You can find the exchange rate for your currency using this Currency Converter.
Credit cards are widely accepted in all our destinations and hotels (Amex a bit less than others), and Cash Points / ATMs are also very easy to find. We recommend that you withdraw some cash on arrival for everyday purchases.
Is there wi-fi?
There is complimentary wi-fi in all the hotel rooms, as well as in common areas of the hotels.
Is there air conditioning?
Our hotels have air conditioning in the rooms and in the common hotel areas.
Is there a safety box in the rooms?
All our hotels have a safety box in every room.
Electricity voltage and power adapters
Electrical outlets in Greece, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Croatia and Egypt are standard type C and some also have type F. Voltage is 230V. Here’s a handy website with info on worldwide electricity sockets and voltage.
All rooms have hair dryers. For people coming from the US and other countries with lower electricity voltage – be careful with you hairdryers and other appliances, they may burn and die with the higher voltage abroad. Check before using, or buy a converter.
Are the yoga retreat destinations safe?
All our destinations are extremely safe, we are careful to pick locations that don’t present any threat, we would never organize a yoga retreat in a place we felt would present any danger. We constantly monitor the situation in all the countries we visit to make sure there is no danger.
How much should we tip at restaurants?

Tipping at restaurants is not obligatory in any of our destinations, but of course always appreciated. It’s not a set amount, but usually around 10%. Sometimes a “bread and cover” charge will be included on the bill, but this is not the tip. Hotel bell-boys and housekeeping staff always appreciate a little gesture for their efforts, but again this is not mandatory – up to you.

How do I book?

If you would like to book a yoga retreat, please contact Laura by phone or email below. Please be sure to select which yoga retreat destination and week you are interested in:

+44 (0) 207 584 9432

Alternatively, you can fill out our Booking Form and we’ll contact you back right away.

How much is the deposit and when is the balance due?
A 30% deposit is requested to hold your place, with the balance due 90 days prior to the start of the yoga retreat.
What is the Cancelation Policy?

If you, or any member of your party, cancel your travel arrangements at any time, written notification from the person who made the booking must be received by us by email at info@yoga-escapes.com. Since we incur costs in canceling your travel arrangements, the following cancelation charges will be payable by you: if you cancel the yoga retreat 91 days or more prior to your Arrival Date, all payments will be refunded, minus the 30% deposit. If you cancel the yoga retreat between 90 days and your arrival date: 100% of the payments will be forfeited. Please see our full Terms & Conditions for details, including if we cancel the yoga retreat.

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