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Mykonos – an island to rebalance mind, body and soul.

yoga escapes ad in Elle magazine“Mykonos is known for hedonistic pleasures and all-night dance parties… but try it for the chance to rebalance your mind, body and soul”.

This is how Elle magazine describes Yoga Escapes’ luxury yoga holidays in Mykonos Greece, and that is exactly what they’re all about: the perfect balance between peaceful yoga classes by the sea and the energy and joy of life on wonderful island.

Join Yoga Escapes on a yoga holiday in Mykonos and discover why the two go so well together.

What to expect:

After an invigorating morning yoga class and a hearty breakfast, you can spend the day relaxing at the beach, strolling around town, water skiing, or reading a book by the pool at a 5 star hotel. There’s no pressure to see every corner of the island, although most people do tend to wander just because it’s so beautiful. The Yoga Escapes team will organize day trip to gorgeous beaches and they’ll take you there, they’ve even planned a day trip to the archeological sites at Delos island next door. But everything is completely optional, they know you’ve come for a holiday, not a package tour.

A real holiday break with no rules and no strict schedules.

And there’s no pressure to join every single yoga class either, they understand if you’re a bit tired and just want to sleep in. Although many people can’t resist rolling out their mats with that amazing view and peaceful feeling. Thankfully you still won’t have to get up at dawn to meditate – 8:30am is early enough, especially on holiday! You’ll spend your evenings at wonderful restaurants in town or at the beach, followed by a good night sleep. But it’s Mykonos after all… so yes there will also be a proper fun night out, it’s all part of the experience.

Rebalancing body and mind.

After a nice evening out and letting go, you’ll return to your yoga mat the next day, twist out all that lovely wine, stretch out your muscles from all that dancing, and try not to fall asleep in savasana…. And that’s when you realize that rebalancing your mind, body and soul also requires a little bit of fun in life.

Our Mykonos yoga retreat dates:

Yoga Escapes is planning more luxury yoga holidays in Mykonos Greece:

We’re hosting two yoga retreats in Mykonos in June and two in September every year.

And here’s the full Mykonos Yoga Retreat article in Elle magazine about Yoga Escapes’ luxury yoga retreats on this wonderful Greek island.

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