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Escape on a 5* yoga retreat in Europe, Morocco and Egypt.

Our yoga retreats in Europe, Morocco, and Egypt

We’ve planned several fantastic yoga retreats in Europe at luxury hotels on the beach next to beautiful towns full of culture and character – escape with us to Greece, Italy, Croatia and Spain. We’ll practice yoga twice a day by the sea, with afternoons free to explore beaches and towns, enjoy spa treatments, boat trips, or just read a book by the pool.

We’re also venturing outside of Europe and hosting a yoga retreat in Egypt on the Red Sea in November 2024 as well as one in Morocco in February 2025. And if you’re thinking about a sunny break by the ocean in the winter, join us in Lanzarote in the Canary Islands Spain in February 2025 for a warm yoga escape at a wonderful 5* hotel.

Come discover these wonderful places with us – take a look at our Calendar for a quick view of all our dates and destinations.

Two of us from Yoga Escapes will be on every yoga retreat to show you around, plan group dinners and day trips, and take care of everything.

We eat and drink what we like, and everything is optional, including the yoga classes. If you’re tired and feel like skipping one – we understand. Our yoga teachers are superb, we normally have 10-15 people in each group from all around the world, and all yoga levels can join. We make sure there’s always a bit of fun and adventure, and a warm group feeling. We enjoy the holiday as much as the yoga!

Escape with us…

Mykonos Greece Yoga Retreat
August / September 2024
June & September 2025

We’ve planned a summer of yoga retreats in Mykonos – Greece’s most stunning island famous for its whitewashed town, golden beaches and sunsets. And the views from our yoga terrace are spectacular! The trendiest spot in Europe for a fantastic yoga retreat.

Croatia Yoga Retreat
14-21 & 21-28 September 2024
13-20 & 20-27 September 2025

Our yoga retreat in Croatia is on the north coast near the charming town of Rovinj. We’ll stay in large seaview rooms at a brand new 5* hotel on the beach, we’ll practice yoga with views out to sea, take bike rides along the coast and sailing trips to nearby islands.

Crete Greece Yoga Retreat
28 September–5 October 2024
27 September–4 October 2025

We’re hosting our Crete yoga retreat at a wonderful 5* hotel on the beach near Chania – the prettiest town on the island. We’ll practice yoga by the sea, splurge on the spa and enjoy delicious meals. October is still warm and sunny – the perfect weather!

Sicily Italy Yoga Retreat
6-13 & 13-20 October 2024
April & October 2025

Discover beautiful Sicily with us and stroll around picturesque towns and breathtaking squares. We’ll practice yoga by the sea, take bike rides along the coast, enjoy delicious Italian food and wine, with plenty of time for beach and spa at a 5* hotel.

Egypt Yoga Retreat
21–28 November 2024
20–27 November 2025

Lots of warm sunshine on this yoga retreat in Egypt. We’re going to Soma Bay, the most upscale resort on the Red Sea, surrounded by sandy beaches and bright blue water. We’ll be staying at the 5* Kempinski hotel, voted the best hotel on the coast.

Morocco Yoga Retreat
15-22 February 2025
and for sure in 2026, stay tuned!

Marrakesh is a fascinating place full of energy, culture and history – and the 5* hotel is gorgeous! We’ll have plenty of time for dips in the pool, spa treatments, shopping in the souks, camel rides in the desert, and a delicious lunch in the Atlas Mountains.

Lanzarote Spain Yoga Retreat
23 February-2 March 2025

We’ve planned a lovely yoga retreat in Lanzarote in the Canary Islands for a healthy dose of warm weather and sunshine to get you through the winter. Relax at the spa and pool at a 5* hotel, walk along the promenade, or go for a swim in the ocean.

Corfu Greece Yoga Retreat
May 2025

Our yoga retreat in Corfu offers plenty of beach time, relaxation and downtime, but there’s also plenty to see and do. Treat yourself to a week of luxury at a renovated 5* hotel on a gorgeous peninsula and yoga by the sea. The perfect early summer yoga escape!

Menorca Spain Yoga Retreat
15–22 June 2025

Lots of sunshine, bright blue skies and warm summer weather – join us in Menorca for a luxury yoga retreat on the island’s most heavenly beach. Menorca has a laid-back lifestyle – we’ll practice yoga by the sea, stay at a 5* hotel, and sail to stunning beaches.

Our Yoga Retreat Calendar:

Mykonos Greece:

  • 31 Aug–7 Sept 2024
  • 7–14 Sept 2024

Rovinj, Croatia:

  • 14–21 Sept 2024
  • 21–28 Sept 2024

Crete, Greece

  • 28 Sept–5 Oct 2024

Sicily, Italy

  • 6-13 Oct 2024
  • 13-20 Oct 2024

Egypt Red Sea:

  • 21–28 Nov 2024


  • 15-22 Feb 2025

Lanzarote Spain:

  • 23 Feb-2 Mar 2025

Sicily, Italy

  • 20-27 April 2025
  • 5-12 Oct 2025
  • 12-19 Oct 2025


  • May 2025

Mykonos Greece:

  • 31 May–7 June 2025

  • 7–14 June 2025

  • 30 Aug–6 Sept 2025

  • 6–13 September 2025

Menorca Spain:

  • 15–22 June 2025

Rovinj, Croatia:

  • 13–20 Sept 2025
  • 20–27 Sept 2025

Crete, Greece

  • 27 Sept–4 Oct 2025

Egypt Red Sea:

  • 20–27 Nov 2025

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We believe that a personal touch makes a difference – which is why two of us from Yoga Escapes go on every yoga retreat. We know the places well, we take care of all the logistics, we plan group dinners and day trips, and our yoga teachers are fantastic!

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