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Our luxury yoga retreats are popular with people on a quest for self love. But why and how does yoga’s combination of meditation, exercise and spirituality help so many on this journey?

Many of our yogis who join us on retreat have experienced things like difficult divorces, immense work stress, or traumatic life events, and are seeking inner peace, an escape from life’s troubles, a chance to recharge, or even an opportunity to reinvent themselves.

You might think a traditional holiday would be enough to recover from these situations; but in fact, adding yoga into the mix can make a huge difference, and has numerous benefits. Combining yogic practice with the pleasure of being in a new or relaxing place can lead to a fulfilling and revitalising experience.

Let’s explore how our yoga retreats can help you to fall in love with your body, mind and soul all over again.

Yoga encourages introspection

Yoga as a practice is centred around focusing on your whole self, physically, mentally and spiritually. With meditation, physical exertion and time to concentrate, every lesson and session connects you more and more with yourself. You are encouraged to look inward, being mindful of your body and consciousness. In moving yourself in a purposeful way and meditating, you are being intentional in taking care of your whole self, and showing it the love and respect it deserves.

Yoga is flexible

There are so many different styles and paces of yoga to suit how you’re feeling and respond to what your body and soul need. We can take this approach with us when we leave the mat, and apply the same flexibility and adaptability to our everyday lives. Not every yoga session is – or should be – the same. Through yoga, we can learn to be more open to change, to embrace not being set in our ways, and to adapt to what we need in that moment.

Yoga is spiritual

Yoga is a spiritual practice at its core and consists of a set of five ethical beliefs and principles called Yamas. Within these beliefs, you’ll find Ahimsa – which is the ancient Indian belief of non-violence and the promotion of self love and self compassion. Yoga, therefore, has the idea of self love, self forgiveness and self care at its very heart. By simply embracing yogic practices and bringing them into your life, you are well on your way towards true self love.

Yoga is unique to you

Your yoga practice is just for you, and nobody else. Whether you’re an experienced yogi or a complete newbie, you will feel the benefits at your own individual level. 

Everyone gets something different out of each yoga session, and it’s important not to worry about what people are doing around you. This focus on yourself, and being mindful, means you can learn and improve at your own pace, instead of trying to keep up with everyone else. 

This is an important lesson: we’re all at different stages in life, and we can learn and grow when we are ready – just as we get better at yoga.

Yoga is mindful

When we settle into our practice, we let go of all distractions and focus on calming our minds. We concentrate on how we feel and what our body needs, and shut out external distractions. 

During each session, and in each movement, you’re thinking about what your muscles are doing, your alignment, and your breathing. 

When you fully focus on yourself in this way, you’re truly practicing self love, nourishing your mind and body in one moment. It’s important therefore to do this in a calming, relaxing environment – and where better than on a retreat with beautiful surroundings, with like-minded people on a similar journey towards self love!

Yoga isn’t a competition

It’s important to remember that yoga isn’t about hitting goals or aesthetics. You don’t need to have the latest kit, or to be the most flexible person in the class. It’s not a race, and you don’t set out to master each pose to perfection. 

As long as you are cherishing yourself, being intentional and mindful with your practice, making space, using your body and developing your spiritual connection with yourself, you are doing it right. 

In life, as well as in yoga, don’t worry about what it looks like to others – simply focus on how it feels for you.

Yoga creates a sacred space for self acceptance

All of these benefits – mindfulness, stretching, development and meditation – mean that yoga is truly a sacred space. It’s important to practice yoga regularly to keep up any progress you may make, and to continue your self love journey. Yoga allows you to dedicate time – be it ten minutes, or two hours – to looking after yourself. Having habits and rituals like this is a key part of practicing self love and being kind to your whole being. 

It’s a chance to step away from external stressors or the hustle and bustle of everyday life and really tune in to yourself. This ritual of mindfulness and focus can help you understand more about yourself and your needs, and ultimately practice gratitude and love for who you are. 

Testimonials from real customers who learned the art of self love with us

Don’t just take our word for it. Our yoga retreats really have been a transformational experience for our guests. They’ve been able to leave their troubles behind, revive, reconnect with themselves and take time to focus on who they are.

Here are some statements from real Yoga Escapes guests about their experiences with us.

“I was prepared for a week of yoga, some relaxing, reading a book. And I got so, so, so much more. This experience was much deeper and I’m so thankful for all of it. I’m leaving a lot of emotional baggage on this island and I hope Mykonos will forgive me for that! I fly home being a different person to the one that arrived here but more myself than I have been in a while.”

“An amazing week in which I realised my goal of letting go of the old and embracing the new. It’s been an emotional but fabulous journey.”

“I had a very stressful year and I came here for one week and it was way more than I expected, I’m now going back home totally relaxed, thank you for an amazing yoga retreat.”

Yoga, in a way, is a little like a holiday for your body and mind – so why not take yourself on the ultimate self love trip? 

Our luxury retreats are an ideal opportunity to fall in love with yourself all over again. Holidays are a key way to de-stress, escape and relax; so when you pair that with the benefits of regular yoga, you’ll be well and truly on your self love journey.

Find out more about our upcoming luxury yoga retreats and join us on a well-deserved break.

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