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We’ve discovered the most delicious restaurants in Siracusa Sicily by following the locals.

dinner menu in sicilyOne of the highlights of our yoga retreats in Italy is the delicious food and the fantastic restaurants recommended by the locals. From small family-owned tavernas to high-end classy restaurants, it’s hard to get a bad meal.

We’ve been taking yoga groups to Sicily for years to the gorgeous town of Siracusa, we’ve tried most of the restaurants in town and have narrowed down our favorites to the ones below.

These restaurants are all located on the charming island of Ortigia, which lies at the very tip of Siracusa. You’ll find them tucked away in the peaceful pedestrian streets of this small island. Each one offers something special – pick one depending on your taste buds and you’ll be sure to have a great culinary experience. Or join us on a luxury yoga retreats in April or October and we’ll take you there!

Our favorite restaurants in Ortigia-Siracusa:

spaghetti with pistacchio sauce sicilia in tavolaSicilia in Tavola

This is a small charismatic place with just a few tables and is always full. They make their own pasta from scratch so it’s super fresh, and they have delicious  veggie and seafood appetizer options as well. The homemade spaghetti with pistachio pesto sauce and cherry tomatoes always hits the spot, as doesn’t the Norma pasta with aubergine-eggplant and ricotta mozzarella cheese.

They also have meat and fish dishes, and a nice list of wines. Very reasonably priced, but be sure to book ahead as it’s a favorite with the locals as well (every time we’ve gone it’s been full and they’ve had to turn people away).

If you’re looking for a down to earth place with delicious pasta, not terribly fancy but with a very authentic feel and cozy decor, then Sicilia in Tavola is a must. It’s one of our all-time favorites and a must-stop on every trip to Siracusa.

la tavernetta restaurant in siracusa sicilyLa Tavernetta da Piero

Just down the street from Sicilia in Tavola, and also a locals’ favorite, you’ll find La Tavernetta da Piero, or simply La Tavernetta for short as it’s commonly referred to in town. It has two locations, one across the street from the other: a smaller quaint taverna and a larger restaurant for groups, both are nice and offer the same menu.

They have a good selection of pasta dishes and risottos, and specialize in fish dishes (although they have meat dishes as well as veggie options). It’s been there for years and is a Siracusa classic, very reliable, everything is good. Be sure to book in advance, especially for the taverna side. Reasonable prices and a good wine list. You may even see the owner Piero coming around to make sure everyone is enjoying their meals!

le vin de l'assasin restaurant in siracusa sicilyLe Vin de L’Assasin

For a nice alternative to your strictly Italian meal, try Le Vin de L’Assasin – it’s Italian with a French twist, a bit more trendy bistro than taverna. The two owners and chef have travelled extensively and studied at culinary schools abroad in France and Thailand, and therefore enjoy adding a bit of a fusion mix to the Italian-French menu.

Everything is delicious and melts in your mouth. They don’t focus on pastas, but the fish and meat dishes are fantastic. They also have great wines from Italy, France and abroad. The décor is minimalistic cool, yet warm and friendly – a little more modern feel than some of the other traditional restaurants in town. It’s slightly more expensive than the two restaurants above but still very reasonable. Another absolute must.

pizza in sicilySicily Pizza

This lovely pizzeria has the best pizza in town made from all natural ingredients that are to die for!

They have all sorts of tomato-topped pizzas as well as non-tomato pizzas, you can select from a variety of toppings, they have many options. Good prices and good value for money. They have a very small but decent wine list, along with a variety of beers to accompany the pizza.

The restaurant owners are the same as the Sicilia in Tavola restaurant mentioned above, so quality and fresh ingredients are top priority, and it definitely comes out in the taste.

yoga retreat dinner at da seby restaurant in sicily Da Seby

Da Seby is another reliable solid restaurant with all sorts of very good options – their specialty is fish and seafood, so expect to find a variety of pasta dishes with seafood, fresh grilled fish served with a light sauce, a lovely seafood appetizer for groups, although they also have some meat dishes as well.

They only use local products and fresh ingredients, and have different specials every day depending on what looks good in the market that day, and what the local fisherman has caught. They also give you complementary digestive drinks at the end of the meal, which always turns into a lot of fun especially with a group! The restaurant has two dining rooms and a very nice atmosphere, interior décor with exposed brick and wooden beams, and a traditional feel. Highly recommended.

Fratell Burgio Yoga EscapesFratelli Burgio

Fratelli Burgio is a famous deli lunch place in the outdoor market in Siracusa, and the perfect lunch stop after a morning of shopping and bargaining for your Sicilian souvenirs.

If you manage to get one of the first-come first-serve tables scattered outside the deli, you’ll have a wonderful time mixing with tourists and locals eating fresh cheeses, sweet cherry tomatoes, prosciutto, olives, freshly baked bread, mouth-watering cannoli. All with a wonderful glass of wine surrounded by all the action. And be sure to grab a few of the goodies from the deli on your way out, they’re easy to stick into your suitcase and a wonderful memory when you get back home. This place is always full and has a lively atmosphere, definitely recommended for lunch.

These are just a few of our favorites… but there are some other restaurants worth mentioning, if perhaps you want to go a bit more upscale, or you want a set menu:

Regina Lucia

A fancy high-end restaurant on the main square – the place to go if you want to treat yourself. The food is good if you’re looking for something a bit more upscale (think delicate portions presented very nicely). They have tables indoors with tall windows opening up to the square, as well as one or two smaller tables outdoors near the square. The service is good and the atmosphere is quite reserved but not stuffy, perfect views and a nice evening out for a special occasion.

Don Camillo

Don Camillo is another high-end restaurant with a gorgeous interior setting – a wine cellar type feel, a bit more grand and elegant than its neighbors. The service is good, the food is refined and tasty, the portions are not huge but flavorful. Don Camillo boasts a great wine cellar with a wonderful selection of Sicilian, Italian and international wines, and the sommelier will be happy to help you select the perfect one for your meal. Prices are a bit higher than the other restaurants mentioned above, but this is definitely another nice option for a special evening out.

Apollonion Osteria da Carlo

Be sure to arrive hungry! Apollonion has a set seafood menu which is a true feast. There’s not much decision-making here, you just pick your wine and wait for the food courses to keep coming – various appetizers, pasta dishes, fish entrée, desert – the chef decides, and it’s all delicious. The place is quite small and cozy, so book ahead, the price is very reasonable considering all the food they give you, and good value for money. If you don’t like a particular fish or seafood (not a fan of oysters or raw fish?), just let them know when you arrive, and they’ll swap out anything you don’t like with something you do.

Follow your senses…

These above are just some of our recommendations, but there are many to pick from. Wander around town and you’ll surely see a place that looks appealing, follow the locals and the aromas and you won’t be disappointed. There are also several smaller wine-and-cheese places that have popped up in the past two or three years that offer small appetizer plates and good Sicilian wine in an informal setting. And there are also some new organic food places that are worth exploring.

If you’re interested in joining us on a yoga retreat in Sicily, we’ll take you to these restaurants so you can experience some of the best culinary gems in Italy.

ravioliOur yoga retreats in Sicily Italy:

We’re hosting one yoga retreat in April and two in October yearly.

All the details about our yoga retreats in Sicily can be found on our Italy yoga retreat page.

Happy travels and buon appetito!


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