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Day trips and activities on a yoga retreat in Mykonos.

yoga fun in mykonos greece You’re thinking about going on a yoga holiday but you’re wondering if there will be other things to do in addition to the yoga classes?


Many people who come on our Mykonos yoga retreat ask us about activities and things to do apart from yoga. While some people are quite happy reading a book by the pool or taking a break on the beach, others prefer a little more adventure and entertainment. Thankfully we can do both.

Things to do in Mykonos Greece in between yoga classes:

pool luxury hotel mykonos yoga escapesPool and spa

Our 5* hotel has a gorgeous pool area where you can spend the day, and an equally gorgeous private beach – both with sunbeds, umbrellas, along with food and drink service.

There’s also a luxury spa, rated one of the best in Greece, with excellent massages and detoxifying facials, as well as a thalasso-therapy center to relax your muscles in pools of salts and oils (with complimentary treatments on us).

The best way to relax your muscles in between yoga classes!

Sailing in Mykonos

Sailing and kite surfing

For those instead who are looking for something a little more active, there are all sorts of water sports on the island, from jet skiing to kite surfing, wake boarding to scuba diving.

If you want to enjoy the sea, but aren’t that much of a daredevil, we can organize easy sailing trips and guided boat trips around the island.

Or you can always rent a car or a scooter and discover some of the most stunning secluded beaches of the Mediterranean and go for wonderful swims. Many water options for the active on our Mykonos yoga holidays.

day trip to delos on a yoga retreat in mykonosDay trip to Delos island

And for those who wish to enjoy a little culture, there’s a daily boat trip to the nearby island of Delos with its impressive archeological sites.

Delos was once the commercial and cultural capital of Greece and is famous for its strong energy, which many say can still be felt when visiting the island.

Strolling Around Mykonos Town


Mykonos town

If all the sun and beach gets a little too much to handle, there’s always the option to take a stroll into Mykonos town and get lost in the white-washed narrow streets and be tempted by the boutique stores, waterfront cafés and art galleries.

Mykonos town is one of the most beautiful in all of Greece and deserves a proper visit – we will go into town several times for dinner during our Mykonos yoga holidays, but we highly recommend an afternoon there to explore it without the crowds.

Everything is optional

We’d love to show you the island and take you around, but we also know that this is your holiday, and you may just want to relax and take it easy – so everything is of course optional. And if you are tired and don’t feel like joining a yoga class, that’s perfectly fine as well – it’s all completely up to you. We’re there to make this a wonderful week for you, however you choose to spend your time!

Our Mykonos yoga retreat dates:

If you’re interested in joining us on a Mykonos luxury yoga retreat, here are the dates:

We’re hosting two yoga retreats in Mykonos in June and two in September every year.

Visit the Mykonos website to find out more about our upcoming luxury yoga holidays – and happy travels!

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