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A luxury yoga retreat on beautiful Crete. 

tree pose in crete with yoga escapesAfter last year’s super successful yoga retreat in Crete, we’ve planned another luxury yoga retreat in lovely Chania – Crete’s most charming town with a stunning Venetian harbor, pedestrian streets filled with boutique stores and lovely waterfront cafes.

This seaside town is a real treat – if you’re looking for authentic Greek charm, a lovely beach, and all the comforts of luxury, this is the yoga holiday for you!

We’ll will be staying at the 5* Atlantica Kalliston hotel, a stylish contemporary adults-only hotel with a beautiful private beach, three swimming pools and a swim-up bar, with bright seaview rooms and a lovely spa.

What to expect from the Crete yoga holidays:

Top quality teachers and 5* yoga classes.

You’ll get to practice yoga twice a day outdoors just steps from the beach with a wonderful view out to sea, the morning Vinyasa flow classes run from 8:30-10am, and the evening restorative yoga classes are at sunset, with a wonderful feeling of peace and tranquility.

The yoga is 5* as well – top yoga teachers from London with over 20 years of experience and absolutely fantastic. They’ll start everyone off at the same pace and will modify the classes for all levels. They’ll also adjust you and give you personalized tips throughout the week so you’ll go home not only super relaxed, but also with an improved practice, knowing a few more things about yoga.

falasarna beach crete greeceAnd in the between yoga classes…

There’s plenty of time during the day to relax by the pool with a book, take a boat trip, perhaps climb a gorge, or take a day excursion to a nearby fishing village and visit some truly stunning beaches.

The weather in October is perfect, not too hot, but warm enough to still feel like summer, so you can practice yoga outside, go swimming and have dinner in the outdoor squares.

street in chania crete

Delicious food and no rules.

The hotel is just a few minutes from Chania’s picturesque old town, and the group will go into town most evenings for some wonderful meals with fresh food – which is absolutely amazing in Crete. There are no rules on food on our yoga retreats, you can eat and drink what you like, it’s all part of the holiday.

And everything is optional, you can join the group on day trips and dinners, or spend some time on your own, completely up to you.

It’s designed to be a true luxury yoga holiday – and the holiday part is as important as the yoga part. The perfect opportunity to treat yourself and just let go, pamper yourself and enjoy a few laughs with some new friends.


Our Crete yoga retreat dates:

We’re hosting a yoga retreat in Crete during the fist week of October yearly.

What a wonderful way to to end your summer in October with warm sunshine, amazing yoga by the sea, while discovering Crete and its many hidden beauties. Visit the Yoga Escapes Crete website for all the details, or contact Yoga Escapes to book your place.

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