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Happy Valentine’s Day!

partner yogaValentine’s day is the day for opening our hearts, loving ourselves, loving others, giving and receiving. Yoga is the gift that keeps on giving, and partner yoga is a great way to share it together. A gift that makes you feel blissful, a gift that uplifts your spirit, that makes you feel more positive.

Yoga has many benefits that impact our emotional, physical and spiritual states. These benefits are unparalleled gifts that we give ourselves through the practice of yoga. These gifts keep enriching our lives and keep stretching us to be more conscious and mindful. Yoga makes us less reactive, less resistant and a whole lot more peaceful.

yoga with your partnerOpen your heart with Partner Yoga

Yoga doesn’t have to be a solitary activity, partner yoga will help open your heart by allowing you to be more aware and thoughtful as you support and encourage your partner, and also learn to rely on each other for support.

We often practice yoga to be alone and to turn inward. A partner class is an opportunity to practice yoga bringing the skills you’ve created in your own practice to the surface in your relationships.

Why not give your partner the gift of yoga this Valentine’s Day and bring your partner along to one of our luxury yoga retreats.


Our yearly yoga retreats:

Lanzarote Canary Islands: February
Marrakesh Morocco: February
Sicily, Italy: April & October
Corfu, Greece: May
Mykonos, Greece: June & September
Menorca, Spain: June
Rovinj Croatia: September
Crete, Greece: October
Red Sea, Egypt: November

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Yoga Escapes organizes luxury yoga retreats in beautiful places around the world, offering a mix of Vinyasa yoga and restorative Yin yoga classes. Contact the Yoga Escapes team for information on upcoming yoga holidays.

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