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When you think of a yoga or wellness retreat, do you perhaps think of rigid schedules, hours of dedicated practice, enforced silence, and restrictive menus?

For us at Yoga Escapes, we believe that the whole experience should be as relaxing, welcoming, adventurous and luxurious as possible. So while a yoga practice is indeed at the heart of our retreats, we offer much more to help you fully unwind, explore the world, and enjoy your time off.

What to expect on a luxury yoga holiday with us

When you join us, you can expect exclusive high-end yoga holidays in Europe, Morocco and Egypt that center around top-quality yoga sessions taught by expert teachers. You’ll enjoy daily yoga classes in beautiful settings alongside the blissful experience of being somewhere new.

But it’s much more than a daily ritual of yoga.

We’re passionate about our mantra: “It’s a yoga retreat, but it’s also a holiday”. Our yogis come to us for a real break from everyday life, but not from life itself – and that’s what we aim to offer. We don’t retreat to secluded venues in faraway places with just our group. Rather we explore new destinations and immerse ourselves in local cultures and traditions, and see the world through new eyes in between yoga classes.

Every trip is individually tailored. While details can vary with each stunning location, all of our retreats include twice-daily yoga sessions. We stay at beautiful 5* hotels with gorgeous spas and pools, we handpick the best restaurants and organize activities, days out, and sailing trips, and several of the destinations also include airport transfers.

We also aim to make things as simple and easy as possible for you from the moment you decide to book with us – so the quality experience starts straight away. We’re always available to help you through the booking process, advise you on flights and transfers, and give you recommendations in case you want to take a side trip for a few days before or after the yoga retreat. 


What else sets us apart from other yoga retreats?

Flexibility is key

Yoga is also about flexibility, and we believe yoga retreats should be the same. Our yoga retreats are all about you, and we offer as many ways as possible to personalize your yoga holiday so you get the most out of your time with us.

Whether you want to throw yourself into every yoga class or pick and choose when you wish to get involved in day trips or enjoy solo time, there are no rules and no regulations here. We won’t present you with a rigid schedule, wake you up at dawn, nor restrict your diet – you can eat and drink what you like, it’s all part of the holiday.

We believe that yoga retreats shouldn’t be about punishing yourself, we encourage you to lean into the experience and find joy in your own way. Everything is optional on our retreats. There’s no right or wrong way to spend your time on a luxury yoga retreat. When you’re with us, you can truly relax and enjoy yourself however you wish.

This is a holiday – not bootcamp!


Bespoke experiences

Our team has traveled the world scoping out new destinations, we’ve been hosting yoga holidays for over a decade, adding new locations every year. And we continue to learn and apply our expert knowledge to every new yoga retreat in order to create memorable bespoke experiences on each trip. We research every destination ourselves so we can offer local knowledge of the best things to see and do while you’re with us.

We’re excited to share these amazing places with you, to go beyond the beaten track, learn about local traditions and customs, taste incredible flavors and soak up stunning views. While yoga helps you to connect with yourself, we hope to help you connect with some of the world’s hidden gems as well. Our team has really fallen in love with some of our destinations, and we can’t wait to show them to you.

And the yoga is personalized as well. Our yoga teachers have learned from some of the very best in the industry and are eager to help you get the most out of every class. They will modify the classes for all levels and will give alternative poses for those just starting out and for those who want to be more challenged. So everyone can practice at their own pace and return home having learned something new.

More than just yoga

Many people ask us what else there is to do on a yoga retreat besides yoga. We encourage you to get out and explore. We handpick exciting experiences so you can make the most of your surroundings. If you’re looking for an adventure, there will be activities for you to throw yourself into. Or if you enjoy a more soothing or cultural excursion, we’ll take you to places where you can enjoy a stroll, historic tour, or scenic lunch.

Take our yoga retreat in Egypt for example – you might want to ride a camel along the beach at sunset or visit the impressive Luxor temples. Alternatively, you can take a leisurely sailing trip to an island across the Adriatic Sea on our yoga retreat in Croatia later this year.

We’ll make it happen for you.


Open to all

Everyone is welcome on our retreats. We don’t mind if you come in a group, travel alone, book as a couple, or join us alongside your best friend.

We’re proud of the communities we build on each retreat, and you’re bound to create new friendships, enjoy the company of others and hear interesting stories while you spend time with like-minded yogis of all ages and walks of life. And we love seeing so many of our yogis back on retreat with us every year!

You certainly don’t need to be a seasoned yoga expert either. All levels of experience are welcome. Our wonderful teachers are skilled at helping you learn to get the most out of your practice, whether you’ve been doing Downward Dog for days or decades.

Experience luxury

When you practice yoga, you’re investing in yourself and taking care of your body, mind and soul. So why not give yourself the ultimate experience and indulge your senses as well.

We fully embrace the concept of Luxury Yoga Retreats. You can expect five-star hotels with plenty of pampering, spa facilities, delicious meals, spectacular surroundings and some of the finest yoga teaching available. Our yoga retreat in Mykonos Greece for example offers its own private section on a gorgeous beach, where you can bask in the sea and sand in between yoga classes.

Two of us from Yoga Escapes will also join you on each trip, so we’re always on hand to make sure everything is taken care of.


Create lasting memories

We believe that yoga retreats should be indulgent and pleasurable, as well as rewarding and nourishing for the soul. With some of the best yoga teachers out there, the opportunity to see the world, and handpicked experiences by leading experts (and seasoned travelers!), our yoga escapes offer truly memorable holidays. 

But why not see it for yourself and book a yoga retreat with us!

As always, happy travels!


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Yoga Escapes organizes luxury yoga retreats in beautiful places around the world, offering a mix of Vinyasa yoga and Yin yoga classes. Contact the Yoga Escapes team for information on upcoming yoga holidays.

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