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Real Yoga Real Holiday

It’s a yoga retreat… but it’s also a holiday.

We don’t think you need to deprive yourself on a yoga retreat, in fact we believe that combining wonderful yoga classes with a bit of 5* pampering and delicious meals is the perfect yoga escape.

Top-quality yoga is at the core of our trips, our yoga teachers are superb and truly understand what yoga is really about. But we also make sure you enjoy the holiday part as much as the yoga part, without any rules – and that’s what makes us different.

We’ve chosen beautiful islands and carefully handpicked 5* hotels on the beach, the best restaurants and spas. And we’ve taken care of all the details to give you that magical real-holiday feeling, so you have peace of mind that you’re getting a wonderful break.

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Yoga group in Egypt on a luxury yoga retreat with Yoga Escapes.

We’re flexible on everything

We appreciate that this is your time off to recharge, and we think you should have complete freedom to enjoy it as you wish. So we’re flexible on everything – no rules, no strict schedules, no mandatories.

All our yoga classes are optional, we won’t raise an eyebrow if you feel like skipping one. You can eat and drink what you like, join the group or spend time on your own, or do a bit of both – completely up to you.

Friendly groups from all over the world

We always have an interesting mix of cosmopolitan people from all over the world and all ages on our yoga retreats. We have singles, couples, friends, and mothers-daughters joining us. Many people also come on their own and everyone always seems to get along!

We create a warm group experience from the start, so everyone feels immediately welcome and comfortable.

A personal touch

We also believe that no two yoga retreats should be the same, and that a human touch can make all the difference. Which is why two of us come along on every trip to make sure everything runs smoothly.

We’ll show you our favorite places not mentioned in guidebooks, and we’ll share with you the local traditions that make each of them special. The islands, beaches and towns we go to are really wonderful and we know them well.

We chose each yoga retreat destination after lots of research and after visiting every location ourselves. We’ve been going to some of these places for over 20 years – and we’re keen to show you how beautiful they are!

Love yoga, love life.

There’s a certain love for life that we inject into every one of our yoga escapes – a sense of adventure, fun, new experiences, cultural immersion, and a bit of indulgence. This is your chance to treat yourself to a real break and just enjoy living life!

You can do that with us.

What people are saying

“I had a very stressful year and I came here for one week and it was way more than I expected, I’m now going back home totally relaxed, thank you for an amazing yoga retreat.”

Eitan, Tel Aviv

We understand yoga

What yoga means to us

Yoga is at the heart of our retreats, our teachers have studied with the best in the world, and they will challenge you physically. But most importantly, they understand the mental health benefits of yoga. You’ll definitely get a good workout, but the real goal of yoga is to challenge you physically so you can begin to let go and quiet the mind.

That’s what yoga is all about – calming the mind.

And that’s what we teach on our yoga retreats. After a week of our yoga classes by the sea, you’ll surely see an improvement in your physical practice, but you’ll also feel restored mentally.

Yoga pose in Mykonos Greece on a luxury yoga retreat with Yoga Escapes.

We practice two yoga styles on our yoga escapes:

An active Vinyasa flow class in the morning, and a Yin yoga class at sunset.

What is Vinyasa yoga?

Vinyasa yoga is an active yoga practice that links one pose to the next in a flow-like manner, using the breath to move you between poses. Each movement in the sequence is done in time with an inhalation or an exhalation, allowing the poses to run together and become almost like a smooth dance.

Our Vinyasa classes begin with a gentle warm-up, and then move into an invigorating sun salutation series, followed by standing poses, balances, seated poses and inversions. We end lying down to reap all the benefits of the physical practice – that’s the magical part!

Our Vinyasa classes are suitable for all levels and you can go at your pace. Our yoga teachers will modify poses for everyone, so come along if you’re just starting out or have been practicing for a while.

What is Yin yoga?

Yin yoga is a slower style of yoga where the poses are practiced lying down or closer down to the mat. Each pose is held for up to four or five minutes. There is no flow, no rapid movement from one pose to the next, and no standing poses. Expect deep forward bends, twists, hip openers, and shoulder openers.

The idea is to allow your body to fully relax into each pose, with the help of gravity and props to support you, so there’s no tension in the body. This will allow the connective tissue around your muscles, tendons and ligaments to slowly release, thereby improving flexibility and circulation.

Yin yoga is a great counter-balance to a strong Vinyasa flow practice. It’s inward-focused, and a very meditative and mindful approach to yoga. The perfect sunset class to wind down the day.

Making life easy…

We’ve handpicked everything

  • Top yoga teachers
  • Beautiful locations full of culture
  • Gorgeous 5* hotels on the beach
  • High-end spas
  • Delicious restaurants
  • Yoga spaces outdoors by the sea

Freedom & flexibility

  • No rules, everything is optional
  • Eat and drink what you like
  • Skip a yoga class if you’re tired
  • Plenty of time to relax
  • Join the group or enjoy solo time
  • Private yoga classes on request

A warm atmosphere

  • People from all over the world
  • Singles, couples, friends, relatives
  • Time to enjoy life and a real break
  • A friendly easygoing atmosphere
  • Unique cultural experiences
  • A bit of fun and adventure
Dinner in Mykonos Greece on a luxury yoga retreat with Yoga Escapes.
Bridge pose in Egypt on a luxury yoga retreat with Yoga Escapes.
Sailing in Menorca Spain a luxury yoga retreat with Yoga Escapes.
Kayaking in Menorca Spain a luxury yoga retreat with Yoga Escapes.

Two lovely blog posts by two of our yogis:

Our Croatia yoga retreat, in the words of Patty:

“The camaraderie amongst our small group was priceless and the town of Rovinj magical leaving me almost speechless.”

Patty, September 2020

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Our Mykonos yoga retreat, in the words of Nicole:

“After a yoga retreat like this, you’ll be tempted to add “spoiling oneself” to the list of life’s necessities!”

Nicole, May 2018

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Sailing in Menorca Spain a luxury yoga retreat with Yoga Escapes.
Kayaking in Menorca Spain a luxury yoga retreat with Yoga Escapes.

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